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REACH Ministries provides holistic opportunities for REACH families to experience love, hope and courage. Browse through the following programs to learn more:


REACH Camp is dedicated to serving children with HIV/AIDS and other traumatic life circumstances. Each year, camp is a tremendous celebration! Camp starts the Friday before Labor Day and runs through the holiday.

Imagine the setting…a camp surround by natural beauty: tall pines, water and mountain views. Imagine this place…a safe haven for families to relax, swim, ride horses, stroll in the woods…a place for physical, emotional, and spiritual support…for time alone or a time of togetherness. Imagine this place…free from social stigmas and threats that all too often leave these families isolated from their communities. REACH helps build self-esteem and family cohesiveness, by instilling love, hope and courage that continues throughout the year.

REACH understands the special needs of these families and is supported by a cadre of professionals, including physicians, psychologists, counselors, and nutritionists, as well as volunteers and leaders from the church community. Our on-site physician and long-time volunteer Dr. Mary Fairchok says, "It's a great experience for me to come here to camp because it makes me a better physician in a sense that I see what they go through on a day to day basis. As a pediatrician, it's really helped my ability to take care of the kids when I see them in clinic because they trust me a lot more because they know me in this setting."

Our families have said:

"We felt like we were part of a family from day one. My children felt free to be themselves and they left feeling so good about who they are! I have no doubt in the years to come REACH will be a very important part of our lives and will help my children grow into the confident and loving people they were made to be. THANK YOU!!!!!!"
–New Parent

"I am so moved by the love and intentionality of Reach. There's Christmas...and then there's REACH Camp! It means so much to me and my family. We feel totally loved and accepted here. I don't know how you do it. We love you all so much."
–Returning Parent

For our kids and their families, camp is safe…camp is trustworthy…camp is an escape into a carefree world that they don't experience for most of their lives. They spend time with others who don't judge them because they are like them, so they laugh and they smile and they play. And when we see their faces we know that God is directing this activity.

Please join us in helping to make this program a success from year to year! Watch the video below, and visit our donation page. Those interested in volunteering must attend one Saturday summer training session. See application information below for details!


Click here for the REACH Retreat Application, and more information on training and other requirements.


This year (2013), registration forms for Camp will be changing, so please check back for updates. Medical form, however, will continue to be the same and are updated for your convenience.

Forms can be sent to the office (309 S G Street, Suite 3, Tacoma, WA 98405) or via fax (253.274.9657). If you would like registration forms mailed to you, please call the REACH Camp Director at 253.383.7616, or toll free 1.877.439.1720.

To reserve your spot at camp, submit the registration fee of $25 per camper online, click here, or make your check payable to REACH, and submit it with your forms: Attn: REACH Camp Director. Please note on your check, "Family Camp Registration Fee".

Downloadable forms:

All forms and payments must be submitted to REACH by August 1st, 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact the Program Director (Erica Swenson) or call the office at 253.383.7617. In addition to the forms below, all campers will need to submit an Activities Waiver, which will be made available when the below forms have been submitted.

For each family unit:
Media Release (must be signed and/or initialed by all legal adults)

For each camper (adults and minors):
Medical Forms 2013

For campers with medical concerns:
Medical Examination Form (requires a doctor's signature)

For all legal adults
Non-Negotiable Confidentiality Contract for Families

For each family requesting flight transportation assistance:
Flight Transportation Request


REACH Mentoring provides a space for REACH youth, teens and young adults to experience companionship, encouragement and honest conversation with a Christian friend and role model. REACH mentors are at the forefront of those who carry the legacy of relationships and support that REACH strives for with its families.

Many mentors speak both of the meaningfulness of their own contribution, and that of what they experience while walking alongside a REACH kid. One mentor says, "I think it's important to live a life not just focused on myself. One of the things I love about mentoring is that I really have to be selfless to love and serve my mentee." To learn more about some of our mentors, check out our Volunteer of the Month page–many are mentors who have demonstrated an unparalleled compassion and dedication to REACH kids.

If you are a REACH family member interested in receiving a mentor for yourself or your child, please contact Mentoring Director Pam Wenz.

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • A follower of Christ
  • Fill out application
  • Attend Mentor Training
  • Pass screening by Mentoring Director

We especially need volunteers for this program who are living in or willing to drive to King County.

Apply to volunteer as a mentor.

For more information about this program, contact Mentoring Director.

Life Skills

In response to the changing needs and environment of REACH families, particularly the growing population of young adults, REACH is in the midst of creating a new program to equip our young adults with independent living skills, including financial and meal planning, career development, and Bible Study. Please check back for more information!

Family Services

Family Services encompasses the body of care, service and support that the staff provides REACH families throughout the year. The Family Services staff organizes regular visits and modes of correspondence to engage and support the families it serves, offering additional resources and entry into other REACH programs as necessary. The Family Services staff is also developing a "Road Map" for teens and young adults to aid them in the exploration of who they are, who they would like to be, and how to make that happen. This process is intended to help them better understand and achieve "God's Best" for their lives.

Meet the Family Services staff.


The Activities program is intended to provide our teens, young adults and their families with opportunities for fun and fellowship, as well as the space to engage and discover God's creation. Such activities may include a family picnic, teen camping trip, or perhaps a trip to the Seattle Aquarium.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these activities, you must attend a training session. Contact the Director of Programs and Services for more information.

High School

The REACH High School program is a volunteer program for local high school students who in engage in HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns, fundraising for REACH, and community services projects. REACH "clubs" currently exist in two high schools: Gig Harbor High School and Bellarmine Preparatory School.

If you are interested in joining a club or starting one at your school, contact the Director of Programs and Services for more information.

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